Nothing Adventured, Nothing Gained

What is Overland PXpedition? OPX

We are Team OPX K4OPX

  •  We are a small, but dedicated group of Amateur Radio operators operating under the call sign of K4OPX.  Our goal is to travel to secluded areas of the US and operate portable.  We are planning to travel to places that can only be accessed via 4X4 Overland vehicles. 
      Overlanding is about exploration, rather than conquering obstacles. While the roads and trails we travel might be rough or technically challenging, they are the means to an end, not the goal itself. The goal is to see and learn about our world and make contacts, whether on a weekend trip 100 miles from home or a 10,000-mile expedition across another continent. The vehicles and equipment can be simple or extravagant - they, too, are simply means to an end. History, wildlife, culture, scenery, self-sufficiency - these are the rewards of overlanding.  We are bringing a new twist by adding HF Ham radio to the adventure.
    We are the first club conducting Overland PXpeditions!  We are currently designing some fun contests with awards.  More to come.


Our Field Radios

ICOM 7300

Our main go to field radio is the ICOM 7300.  New technology has changed the way receivers are being designed and the IC-7300 is an industry first as an RF, Direct Sampling System is being used in HF radio. The ability to digitize RF before various receiver stages reduces the inherent noise that is generated in the different IF stages of a radio. 

The IC-7300 employs an RF direct sampling system, where RF signals are directly converted to digital data. Then processed in the FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array), making it possible to simplify the circuit construction as well as reduce noise that can mask weak signals.

The new "IP+" improves the 3rd order intercept point (IP3) performance improving the ability to copy a weak signal that is adjacent to either a strong interfering signal. In this process, A/D converter is optimized to reduce or eliminate signal distortion.

Our back up radios are an ICOM 7200 and an ICOM 7610.  We love these rigs because faint signals are no longer a challenge for DXers, Contesters, and OPXers around the world, with the IC-7200 and the new IC-7610. The difference between putting the QSO in the log or trying another time is the capability of your receiver. The high performance RMDR in the IC-7610 and 7200 has the ability to pick out the faintest of signals even in the presence of stronger, adjacent signals. The IC-7610 introduces dual RF direct sampling receivers. Achieving 100dB RMDR, these receivers rival that of other top-of-the-line transceivers. The IC-7610 also comes with a high-speed, high-resolution, real-time spectrum scope on a 7-inch color display. 


Eagle One

The Eagle One is a portable antenna manufactured by two hams in Proctorville, Ohio; W8AFX and W8GMS. The antenna itself consists of a series of fiberglass tubes telescoping to 31' with an interior radiating element of HD wire which is topped with a metal loop for either adding additional length or suspending the antenna from a fixed point.  We use an ICOM AH -4 Antenna tuner mounted at the base of the antenna. We can work 6 to 80 meters with this set up.  This is our "Go To" antenna but we will use dipoles, long wires, and some small beams on a 50' fiberglass pole. (a pic is in the gallery)


Tow Vehicle

2018 RAM 2500 4x4 Limited, aka "Big Red"


As versatile as they are, light-duty trucks are not one-size-fits-all vehicles, especially if you have serious towing and hauling needs. For that, you'll need to step up to a heavy-duty pickup such as the 2018 Ram 2500. To put it into numbers, the Ram 1500 carries a max tow and payload rating of 10,620 pounds and 1,880 pounds, respectively. The Ram 2500 comes close to doubling those figures by towing up to 17,980 pounds and carrying 3,890 pounds in the bed.

The Ram 2500 is unique in the heavy-duty truck segment because of its coil-spring rear suspension that gives it a more comfortable ride than its competitors. Such a configuration also allows for an air suspension, just like the one available for the Ram 1500. Besides improved ride comfort, the air suspension levels the bed when towing and hauling to keep the headlights pointed straight ahead.

The 2018 Ram 2500 offers something for everyone, whether you're looking for a basic work truck, a luxury equipment hauler or a trail-conquering pickup. It's an excellent all-rounder that surpasses many rivals.

 The 6.7-liter Cummins diesel's strong suit is torque, so this power train really comes into its own when climbing, towing or hauling. And though this is one massive truck, it's a snap to maneuver thanks to reassuring steering and secure handling.  2018

Overland Trailer

SmittyBuilt Scout Trailer

The Scout is an Overland trailer that starts out as a kit.  From there it is up to you to outfit the rig to your needs.  For the most part, myself and a good friend Sandy, have put this trailer together.  The roof top tent (RTT) is a Gordi Gear, Fox Wing 270 deg awning, Honda gen set, Dometic  CFX 75 DZ, (Fridge and Freezer) Camp Kitchen, (Chuck Box)Instant on hot water heater for showers, Portable solar panel with four, 6 volt batteries.  (280 amp hours)  This unit will be replaced in a few years with an Overland RV with AC and heat.