The Green Book

How to buy and sell used Big Green Eggs

How do you price to sell or buy a used Big Green Egg?  The Big Green Egg will out last any grill on the planet if properly cared for, but it does not go up in value.  (Exception: Never used, BLUE special Florida Pool dealers edition.  It was bought for close to $2000)  I have done years of research on the used market for BGEs and have come up with a reference guide to get you in the ballpark.  This "Green Book" guide is what has bought or sold on AVERAGE!  I am just reporting the data.  I am not in the business of selling anything and don't have any horses in this race.  I also know of transactions that were lower and higher, but these are fair values for both buyer and seller. I have collected data from Ebay, Craig's List, and other Eggheads.  Please remember Bubba Tim's #1 Rule of Sales: If you are dumb enough to buy it, someone is smart enough to sell it.

Here are the Guidelines:

When you price an BGE, you are buying the BASE AND DOME,  That is it.  If it is in a nest or table, it does not matter for the Starting price.

Take the MSRP of the BGE and subtract 15% for the first 2 years.  For the next 5 years of age, subtract $75 for XXL and XL, $50 for L,  $30 for the M, S and MM and $20 for the Mini.

W/table add $.00 to $100.00 (very subjective)

W/nest add $25.00

W/mates add $15.00

w/platesetter add $10,00  ( convEGGtor)

w/pizza stone add $5.00

Cleaning tip for pizza stone or platesetter.  Place them in your oven and set to clean.  When you oven is clean, you platesetter should white or close to it.


HISTORICAL NOTE: Any BGE that has a seam was made in 1997 or earlier. Clay BGEs, 1974 through 1994ish, were made with a terracotta mixture and should be avoided if you plan to cook on it. Collecting them is a different subject all together.

Big Green Egg MSRPs (with nest)

XXL  $1999.00

XL    $1239.00

L      $875.00

M    $685.00

S     $565.00

MM $ 598.00

Mini $ 410.00

A used BGE does not have a lifetime warranty.  You are buying at your own risk!  ONLY NEW BGEs, purchased from an authorized dealer, are warranted for life.  (Demo eggs bought at an Eggfest, also are covered)  So weigh the difference between buying a new BGE with a lifetime warranty or buying a used one to save a few dollars.  

Chips are not that big of a deal, cracks are.  Never buy a cracked BGE!

The condition of the gasket is not a deal breaker.  If you buy a used BGE, expect to replace the gasket.

Most sellers are folks that don't cook or can't cook on a BGE.  Most buyers already own a BGE.


2 yrs old large MSRP = $875- ($131-$111)  = $633.00

12 yrs old large MSRP = $875- ($131-$111-$250 (5X$50) = $382  Depending on the condition, I would offer no more than $325 - $350.