Himalayan Salt Sear

Howdy fellow eggheads. Let me start out by saying that I saw this at a food demo at one of LC's competions. What I saw was Kobe and Scallops being seared on a block of pink Himalayan salt. The heat source was many cans of Sterno underneath the block. So I asked myself, "self?" why can't this be done on the BGE.
I searched the web and found a great source for the salt block. www.atthemeadow.com They are located in Portland, OR and get the Bubba Tim Approved customer service thumbs up.

The trick in cooking with a 8" x 16" by 2" thick block of salt, is it MUST BE HEATED VERY SLOWLY.

This is what the salt block looked like before it's first heating.

Since we do not have a gas stove to heat the salt block, I used a butane "Thunder Range" and the large pizza stone to get it to 125 degrees. (Started at 78)
Notice as I start heating, the micro-fissures will start to form and spread. This is normal.

Removed The Pizza stone. Keep watching the mirco-fissures.

The Salt block around 550 degress

Kobe steak searing on the salt block

U10 Scallops searing on the salt block

Here is all that made it to the plate...lol

The Scalops picked up just the right amount of the salt however, the kobe needed more. The problem with this way of searing is, I had a tendancy to eat the beef and scalops right off the salt block. This was a lot of work but lots of fun. This would be a neat thing to do for a party with fellow eggheads.

To clean the salt block, wash the salt block with warm water and scrub lightly with a brush. Dry the block very well and set aside to dry for 24 hours. This is what the block looked like after cleaning and compared to a virgin block.

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