Helpful Egg-Sites
On this page you will find helpful sites for Eggheads. I visited these sites and have used their helpful information and techniques. Some of these sites have products for sale. If you see something you like, buy it. I am not connected with these site for any compensation. I post these sites solely for information only.   This is the original Egghead forum and it is still the most popular. It was started by Bill and Brenda Miller in 1996 to share cooking tips and techniques on The Big Green Egg.
  This site has the most data about lump charcoal on the planet. The Whiz also has a good sense of humor and great site. Lots of photos of Egg-tables and Egg-cipes. (Recipes in Egghead speak) Do you want to know and see what a flashback is? He has it on video.

We own and use these products from these sites.
And they are,  Do you want to have 100% control of your cooking temps? This is the pit minder I use. I will set the Guru at 225 degrees and walk away. I have had 21 hours of non stop, never added lump cooks. I know of many more eggers that have gone over 24hrs! They also have some neat gadgets for your egg. If you talk with them, tell them Bubba Tim sent you. They don't know who the hell I am, but I can just imagine them thinking,"WHO"?  The third hand is the bomb!   Enter with caution and leave your credit card locked up. I should have been a shareholder.  lol - Customized BBQ tools and a very creative man.  If your want to have your Big Green Egg stand out, ask Mike to customize a handle for your dome. - Greats rubs but no hats! Tell Kenny or Chris that I forced you to buy from them. They will believe you.  :)  aka: The Mothers hip. If you call to order accessories, ask for Bobby. Again, tell him that Bubba Tim sent you. That will drive that man crazy trying to figure that out!  lol   Todd is a great guy with great bbq sauces. Big-un Rocks!  Great service and a great product. Best source for guava wood.  Great selection of smoking woods and great sevice too.  The only Egg store in Miami-Dade county. Ask for Tim Linton. He is a fellow Egghead and every weekend has a few eggs fired up and smoking for his customers to sample.  He is a great guy and a great cook. Tell him that Bubba Tim sent you..He does know me but is trying to forget..
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