Bubba's Green Book of used Eggs
How do you price to sell or buy, a used Big Green Egg?  Your BGE will out last any grill on the planet if properly cared for, but it does not go up in value.  I have done a lot of research on the used market for BGE and have come up with a referrence guide to get you in the ball park.  This "BGE Guide" is what has been bought or sold on average.  I am just reporting the data.  I also know of tranactions that were lower and higher, but these are fair value prices for both the buyer and seller.   I have taken data from Ebay, Craig's list, and the Egghead forum.   Just remember Bubba Tim's #1 Rule in Sales: If you are dumb enough to buy it, someone is smart enough to sell it.
The MSRP for the family of BGE are as follows: (a/o 4/1/12)

XL = $1099.00
L   = $799.00
M  =  $629.00
S  =  $539.00
M  =  $379.00

These are the suggested prices as told to me from a dealer out of state. (Not GA)  These are not Demo Egg prices and I know many an Egghead that have paid more and less than the above prices. These again are a place to start.

OK, HERE ARE THE GUILDLINES for buying or selling a used Egg:

When you price an Egg, you are buying the BASE AND DOME. That is it!  If it is in a table or nest, it does not matter for the
starting price.
So here goes:
Take the MSRP of the Egg and subtract 10% a year for the first 4 years. All years after that subtract $50.00 for XL and L, $30.00 for M and S, and $25.00 for the mini.

Historical note:  ANY EGG WITH A SEAM WAS MADE IN 1997 or earlier.  Clay Eggs, 1974 through 1994-ish, are made with a teracota mixure and should be avoided if you plan to use that Egg to cook on.  Collecting them is a different subject all together.

W/table add $.00 to $100.00 (very subjective)
W/nest add $25.00
W/mates add $15.00
W/plate setter add $10.00
W/pizza stone add $5.00
Anything else that comes with the BGE is a bonus but does not do anything for the value.


A used BGE DOES NOT have the LIFETIME Warranty.  You are buying at your own risk. ONLY new BGEs, purchased from an authorized dealer, are.  So weight the difference between buying a new BGE with a lifetime warranty and saving $200 on a used BGE.  Ask yourself, how much would you pay for a lifetime warranty?

Chips are not that big a deal,
cracks are. Cracks in the dome or base are very rare. They can be repaired with JB Weld but the resale value drops like a rock. 

The condition of the gasket is not a deal breaker.  If you buy a used Egg, expect to replace the gasket before you use it.

DFMT, SS vent door, spring assisted hinge upgrades do not increase the value in older models.

Most sellers are people that don't or can't cook on the BGE.  Most buyers already have a BGE.


2 yr old Large MSRP = $769.95 - ($77.00 + $69.00) = $623.00 Fair Value in good condition.

12 yr old Large (1997)  MSRP = $769.95 - ($77.00 + $69.00 + $62.00 + $56.00) - 8 X  50  ($400) = $105.00 Fair Value.

Real Transactions:

1 -2 year old large with nest and mates, 2" fire ring and never used plate setter. $500.00 I bot this in Orlando, in a nano second.  Ex husband bought it and used it to cook a few steaks. It was mostly white inside. Bubba Scores!

4 Year old large sold for $300 in Ft Meyers, Fl. (Craigslist)

Gene, through Eddie in Pensacola, Florida, bought a XL with nest for $500 includes cover. (Craigslist) Great Deal!

Joe from the Tampa Florida area bot a 5 year old large with some tools and the seller delivered it. Total cost was $425.00. Without the delivery, the fair price would have been $300. This is a hard desicion. Having it set up and delivered for $425, or buying it new with a warranty for $200 more? I understand the whys behind his purchase, but I would have gone with new.

3 yr old Large with Table plus tools = $550.00 (Craigslist)

Eddie in Florida bought a 3 yr old Large BGE. Rusted band, nest, and mates. $200.00. He replaced some of the parts and has a total of $400 invested. 

6 Month old Mini, sold for $200.00 (Bubba Tim sold this in a private sale to a fellow Egghead)

3 yr old Med, sold for $395.00 w/table

  10 yr old large, sold for $225.00 w/nest and had been upgraded with SS vent and spring assisted hinge. (Craigslist)

  5 yr old mini, sold for $100.00 (Private sale)


Med for sale: Cape Coral, Florida,  Rusted bolts in band, well used, no nest, plate setter, Rutland Gasket. $550.00 (msrp for a new w/lifetime warranty $629.00) Fair is $300. Deal is $250.00

There was a Meduim for sale on Ebay for $331.00 It has a seam in the dome, looks to be in good shape. (17 years old or more) He had it listed as a large. The fair value is $150.00.  But because of some casing flaws, I would offer him $100 to $125.
Check it out!  It is missing the DFMT.  It looks like it has also never been used. Inside was pure white in the interior of this egg.  Something is just not right!   See rule #1

Would you pay $331?  Don't think so.

I hope this Green Book Guide helps you.  If you have bought or sold a BGE, please email me the details at bubba@bubbatim.com


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