Cuts of Beef
On this page, LC will give you some pointers of some different cuts of beef and how to cook them.... Take it away Little Chef.

Thanks Bubba.

Pretty much every steak you named is a particular muscle isolated within the primal. Also, any guideline I provide is based on how we like our steaks, which is med rare....

Flank Steak....From the flank, or rear belly section just before the rear legs. Can marinate, or not. Sear direct...pull at 120-122, tent with foil, let rest at least 5 minutes, cut on the bias, against the grain.

Flap and Tri-tip....Both from the sirloin primal, upper part of the animal, directly behind the loin, and before the round. Because these tend to be rather thick, I generally sear low in the egg, then raise the grid to finish and roast. Again, I pull at 120-122*...tent with foil.. the carryover and rest will bring the meat to 126-130*.

Hangar Steak...aka Hanging tender or butchers steak...from the plate....Lower part of the animal just behind the brisket. The hangar has a DISTINCT tendon running nearly through the middle. The can be removed before, or after cooking. If removed before, you will end up with two pices of beef resembling small pork tenderloins. I cook like the Tri Tip...sear low...raise grid to finish. (Note...absorbs marinades VERY quickly! I marinate in a good red wine, garlic, salt and pepper for 30 minutes).

Flat Irons...(aka Top Blade Steak)...From the chuck....Upper shoulder of the animal directly behind the head. Relatively thin, like the flank steak. Marinate, and can tollerate relatively long marinade times. Sear direct low in the egg for a nice sear.... pull at 120*....tent with foil while resting... will carryover to 125-128*. Cut against the grain, thin slices on the bias.

You didn't mention it...but while I am on it....
Skirt Steak....aka Fajita...From the flank section. This is actually the diaphragm of the animal. Absorbs marinades very quickly. Sear direct....pull at rare.... If this cut goes beyond medium, you may as well grill your shoe.

Also note, particularly the flank and skirt steaks, are great rolled and stuffed. The flank needs to be butterflied and pounded first....but great for rolling and stuffing.

Hope this helps!! Here is the best link I could find for beef ID.....but I think it a very good one!
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